Vizio Remote Control XRT112


Batteries not included. Good used working condition. Some minor cosmetic scuffs. Clean. No button wear. We have tested and verified that this item functions as it should. Please see all photographs for a visual representation of the item that you will receive.

Originally supplied with TV models: D5001B1, D500IB1, D6501B2, D6501C3, D650IB2, D650IC3, E2311B1, E231iB1, E2411A1, E2411B1, E241iA1, E241iB1, E24C1, E2801A1, E2801B1, E280iA1, E280iB1, E2911A1, E291iA1, E3201A0, E3201A2, E3201B1, E320f1B2, E320fiB2, E320iA0, E320iA2, E320iB1, E320IB2, E320VT, E322AR, E370VT, E3901A1, E3901B0, E3901B1, E3901B1E, E390iA1, E390iB0, E390iB1, E390iB1E, E4001B2, E400iB2, E4011A2, E401IA2, E4201, E4201A0, E4201A1, E4201B0, E420DA0, E420I, E420IA0, E420iA1, E420IB0, E420VT, E422AR, E422VLE, E470IA0, E472VLE, E4801B2, E480iB2, E5001A0, E5001A1, E5001B1, E5001B1E, E500DA0, E500IA0, E500IA1, E500iB1, E500iB1E, E502AR, E522VLE, E5501A0, E5501B2E, E550IA0, E550iB2, E550iB2E, E5511A2, E551DA0, E551iA2, E551VA, E552VLE, E6001B3, E600iB3, E6011A3E, E601iA3, E601iA3E, E6501B2, E650iB2, E7001B3, E700iB3, M320SL, M370SL, M370SR, M3D470KDE, M3D550KD, M3D550KDE, M420SL, M420SR, M420SV, M470SL, M470VSE, M470VSE, M550VSE, M650VSE

Compatible with TV models: E321ME, E321MV, E322MV, E370VP, E420ME, E420VP, E460ME, M420KD

BRAND: Vizio

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