Tune in Tomorrow DVD


20 year old Martin Loader (KEANU REEVES) lives at home with his family. He’s spending summer vacation working as a newswriter for the local radio station WXBU. Everything is fine until Martin,s life is invaded by two forces… 35 years old Aunt Julia (BARBARA HERSHEY), returning home from two ex-husbands, and Pedro Carmichael (PETER FALK), an eccentric scriptwriter hired by WXBU to boost the ratings on its daily soaps. Martin quickly falls for Julia and unwittingly their love affair forms the basis for Pedro’s scriptwriting. Half of New Orleans is now scandalized by the torrid love affair, the other half horrified by Pedro’s liberal attacks against Albanians… a personal hatred whose scars run deep within Pedro’s creative genes. Who will survive the turmoil that follows. Tune in Tomorrow for the hilarious conclusion.

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