Technics Remote Control RAK-SA723MC


Batteries are not included. Good used working condition. Signs of average use. Some minor cosmetic scuffs/scratches. We have tested and verified the unit functions as it should. See photographs.

Originally supplied with Audio/Video Receiver models: RSTR170, RSTR270, RSTR575, SAG9057, SAGX330, SAGX670, SAGX770, SBA26K, SCCH455, SCS3500, SCS3550, SCS3550A, SCS4500, SCS4505, SCS4550, SDS745, SDS935, SDS935BLK, SDS935KBLK, SDS945, SH8017, SHWA22, SHWA32, SLP9066, SLPD665, SLPD667, STK55, STK550, SUG75, SUG95

Compatible with Audio/Video Receiver models: EX510PK, RAKSA723MH, RSTR373, RSTR474, SACH455, SACH455PK, SACX140, SAD106, SADH66, SAEX110, SAEX150, SAEX510, SAGX470, SCCF888, SCDH66, SCHT510, SCS1500, SCS1550, SCS2300, SCS2450, SCS2500, SCS2550, SDCF888, SDS9225, SDS925, SDS925BLK, SDS925KBLK, SDS935K, SHWA12, SLPD66, SU675, SUC75, SUG70PCK, SUG75PP1K

BRAND: Technics

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