Sharp Remote Control GJ221


Batteries not included. Good working condition. Small scuff to right of the yellow “AV MODE” button (See photo). Clean. No button wear. Tested and verified working. Please see photographs.

Originally supplied with TV models: LBT422U, LBT462U, LC26SV490, LC26SV490U, LC32D59, LC32D59U, LC32LE440U, LC32LE450, LC32LE450U, LC32SV29, LC32SV29U, LC32SV40U, LC39LE440, LC39LE440U, LC40LE550, LC40LE550U, LC42D69, LC42D69U, LC42SV49, LC42SV49U, LC42SV50U, LC46SV49U, LC46SV50, LC46SV50U, LC50LE440, LC50LE440U Compatible with TV models: LC32A29L, LC32LE440, LC32LE451, LC32LE451U, LC32LE551, LC32LE551U, LC39LE551U, LC42A49L, LC43LE551, LC43LE551U, LC48LE551, LC48LE551U

BRAND: Sharp
MPN: GJ221

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