LG Remote Control AKB74475433


Good used working condition. Signs of very light use, a few scuffs on the bottom of unit (see photo). Unit is very clean with no button wear. We have tested and verified that this item functions as it should. Please see all provided photographs for a visual representation of the item you will receive.

This remote will work the following models: 28LJ430BPU 28LJ430B-PU 32LF510B 32LF510BUC 32LF510B-UC 32LF550B 32LF550BUA 32LF550B-UA 32LF5600 32LF5600UB 32LF5600-UB 40LH5000UA 40LH5000-UA 42LF5500 42LF5500UA 42LF5500-UA 42LF5600 42LF5600UB 42LF5600-UB 43LF5100 43LF5100UA 43LF5100-UA 43LF5400 43LF5400UB 43LF5400-UB 43UF6700UC 43UF6700-UC 43UH5500 43UV340C 43UV340CUB 43UV340HUB 43UV340H-UB 49LF5100 49LF5100UA 49LF5100-UA 49LF5400 49LF5400UB 49LF5400-UB 49LF5500 49LF5500UA 49LF5500-UA 49LJ5100 49LJ5100MUB 49LJ5100M-UB 49LJ5100UC 49LJ5100-UC 49LJ5100UC 49LJ5100-UC 49LJ510MUB 49LJ510M-UB 49UF6700 49UF6700-UC 49UF6700UC 49UV340C  49UV340CUB 49UV340C-UB 49UV340HUB 49UV340H-UB 50LF6000 50LF6000UB 50LF6000-UB 50LH5730 50LH5730UA 50LH5730-UA 55LF5500UA 55LF5500-UA 55LF6000 55LF6000UB 55LF6000-UB 55UF6700 55UF6700UC 55UF6700-UC 55UV340CUB 55UV340C-UB 55UV340HUB 55UV340H-UB 60LF6000 60LF6000UB 60LF6000-UB 60UF6700UC 60UF6700-UC 65UF6700-UC 65UF6700UC 65UV340CUB 65UV340C-UB 65UV340HUB 65UV340H-UB 75UV340CUB 75UV340C-UB 75UV340HUB 75UV340H-UB 24LM520D-WU 24LM520DWU 32LM500BPUA

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